Mindfulness for Kids and Teenagers


Mindfulness for Kids

Kids as young as five can begin to learn simple mindfulness practices.  Mindfulness exercises for elementary school children would cover topics such as:

• Breathing to be calm and still
• Mindful listening to focus attention
• Acknowledging thoughts and feelings
• Developing body awareness
• Tuning in to the five senses
• Practicing kindness and empathy toward others


Mindfulness for Teens

The teenage years are a time of so much change, uncertainty, and stress.  With mindfulness based strategies, teens can learn to better manage strong emotions and to cope with stress from school, friends, or family.  Some examples of mindfulness-based lessons and practices for teens include:

• How to be mindful when you're anxious or stressed
• Breathing practice to focus our attention
• Developing compassion toward others
• Practicing acceptance of our thoughts and feelings
• A mindful approach to sports  
• Using social media more consciously
• Mindful eating and mindful body awareness